Our problems :
  • Increasing worldwide population.
  • Huge deserts and progression of the desert : Asia, Africa, South America, Australia, Siberia.
  • Too much water (75% of Earth surface + poles) : erosion, flood, melting poles which rain above us.
  • Fewer and fewer land for farming (cities, erosion), natural hazards.

    My solutions :
  • Construction Boats which could navigate in the ocean and rivers worldwide. Containing machines to build :
      Farming Building :
    • Each floor dedicated to farming. Minimum use if soil. Control of light, humidity. Eventually ground floor for commercial area or transport facilities.
    • Underground with parking and water tanks (from rain)
    • Automatic harvest.
    • Maximize natural resources : water tank underground (filled with rain), optimize sun exposition, optimize natural air circulation.
    • Produce energy locally : solar power or other local underground heat.
    • Heating / light : use optimal air circulation (machine/human/sun heat) + optimal selection of plants for each floor (sun exposition), to produce bigger fruits/vegetables.

    Opportunities :
  • Multiply farming area by ... the number of floors.
  • Multiply the number of trees (several floors) -> reducing pollution/storing CO2.
  • Exportation (the plans, construction management, IT, engineering, some hardware for automatic harvest/building operations...)
  • Use low cost and local staff : construction phase, exploitation, commercialize local production.
  • Give work and food to local people : construction phase, production, sell food, maintenance, ...
  • Production not depending on nature : floods, diseases, drought, cold, insects.
  • Farming building could be located inside towns : reduce gaz use (transportation), fresh fruits & vegetables, lower production/transport costs.