Free version :
MultiReader speaks your document : text, EPUB , PDF, Word, RTF, PPT, eBook
Why use MultiReader ?
  • Can be used in cars/train/plane to prepare for business presentation,...
  • Can be used in assimilating information (eLearning), ie. foreign languages, training techniques.
  • Can be used in place of lengthy books.
  • Can be used in public transportation. Instead of wasting your time, you could learn something. Without bringing big, heavy books / reading on small PDA screens.
  • Can be used simultaneously with routine household tasks, such as cooking.
  • Can be used to review for an exam.
In general : Use it as you would read a book.
Customers :
  • Active people who want to listen to something else than music or ads.
  • Well-focused individuals who want to make the best use of their time.
  • Students from universities, languages centers, and professional training schools.
  • People who have difficulties with fine print on phones and PDAs.
Note : this application which is designed primarily for adults and upper-level students can be sold on PDA, GPS, car embedded system, electronic paper (available in a near future).